Album: A-WA – Bayti Fi Rasi

Album: A-WA - Bayti Fi Rasi

Album Bayti Fi Rasi

Here comes the release of a fine album project “Bayti Fi Rasi” by this beautiful amazing voiced three Isreali sisters this trio has released some singles premiered from this recently dropped album, talking about one of the singles is the “Mudbira” this song official video was still released immediately the audio was dropped.

This trio sisters hail from Yemen Israel so clearly enough they are Jewish, so they have been putting their horrible experiences surviving as Jewish women, they where treated like people who dont matter too much in the community, most especially like a second class people, so all these experiences are embedded in this “Bayti Fi Rasi” album.


1. – Ya Watani (Intro)
2. – Ya Watani
3. – Mudbira
4. – Hana Mash Hu Al Yaman
5. – Bayti Fi Rasi
6. – Al Asad
7. – Tayir Al Ban (Interlude)
8. – Bint Al Sheikh (feat. Avner Cohen)
9. – Malhuga
10. – Ma Bish (Interlude)
11. – Min Tiht Al Firash
12. – Shama’a
13. – Tarig Tawila (Interlude)
14. – Makhada Min Thahab

Download and stream Album: – Bayti Fi Rasi below


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