Album: Alcest – Spiritual Instinct

Album: Alcest – Spiritual Instinct

Spiritual Instinct Album

French duo popularly known as is finally coming through with another new album “Spiritual Instinct”, as a follow up to their “Kodama” which was released three years ago, with the way things are going with this duo i don’t think that they still going down with the raw black metal style.

Multi-musician and vocalist Neige has perfectly captured the tumultuous and personal emotions of his own personal “spiritual awakening” on this new record.

Spiritual Instinct Album Tracklist

  1. Les jardins de minuit
  2. Protection
  3. Sapphire
  4. L’île des morts
  5. Le miroir
  6. Spiritual Instinct

Download and stream Album: – Spiritual Instinct  below

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