Album: Alex Cameron – Miami Memory

Alex Cameron - Miami Memory Album

– Miami Memory Album

After the 2017’s project, Forced Witness which saw the American artiste,  reach greater heights, two years later he comes up with a brand-new 10-track album called “Miami Memory.” He first dropped the video of the lead single called “Divorce” in June.

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Alex Cameron - Miami Memory Album DOWNLOAD
– Miami Memory Album DOWNLOAD

“When you listen to these songs, and you’re waiting for the twist, or the joke, or any kind of discomfort, I can assure you none of those things were there when I wrote them, these are true stories, of actual events. Specific but never esoteric. And graphic but never offensive. Miami Memory is the story of a couple balancing sex with contemporary family values…It’s my gift to my girlfriend, a symbol to hoist on the totem of love.” Cameron said in a statement regarding the new project. Enjoy the project below.


  1. Stepdad
  2. Miami Memory
  3. Far from Born Again
  4. Gaslight
  5. Bad for the Boys
  6. End Is Nigh
  7. PC with Me
  8. Divorce
  9. Other Ladies
  10. Too Far

Stream – Miami Memory Album Below:

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