Album: Alex Vargas – EGO

Album: Alex Vargas – EGO

EGO Album

returrns with another dope new project dubbed “EGO”, the album is going to be released on October 18, 2019 via Copenhagen Records.

Some of the producers that contributed to the production of the album includes some of the following which are & Jon Trier Ottosen. Anders Grahn & Jon Trier Ottosen also helped out in writing the album as well.

“EGO” is 12 tracked album project coming through with some other tracks that we’ve been able to listen to as introduction to the actual album before the release.

EGO Album Tracklist

  1. What You Wish For
  2. Silent Treatment
  3. Where Love Won’t Go
  4. Now That I Think About It
  5. Girls On Millionaires
  6. Smell The Bleach
  7. Live Alone
  8. Karen M.
  9. The Killing Kind
  10. A Way To Love Me Still
  11. My Neighbour
  12. Fairytale Skies

Download and stream Album: – EGO below


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