Album: B.E.N.N.Y. the Butcher – The Plugs I Met

Album: B.E.N.N.Y. the Butcher - The Plugs I Met

The Plugs I Met Album

is just one prolific American rapper who has been keeping his music thing up to the standards of what the industry requires, this guy has been keeping us updated recently flooding the industry with series of fresh new sounds.

But he hasn’t really done anything huge for quite a while, but that’s not until he announced the official release date of the “The Plugs I Met” album project, this album is pulling out with seven tracks.

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Recently the rapper dropped his “18 Wheeler,” single which have been making a huge wave right from the moment it was dropped, this is just a single for the streets as it comes out with some really harsh motivating street lyrical contents.

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1. Intro Skit
2. Crowns For Kings ft. [Prod. ]
3. Sunday School ft. & [Prod. ]
4. Dirty Harry ft. & The Machine [Prod. & Beat Butcha]
5. Took The Money To The Plug’s House [Prod. The Alchemist]
6. 18 Wheeler ft. [Prod. ]
7. 5 To 50 ft. [Prod. The Alchemist]

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Download and stream Album: – The Plugs I Met below


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