Album: Black Grapefruit – Fade Forget

Album Black Grapefruit - Fade Forget

Fade Forget Album

American Alternative Music band  which consists of Randa Smith & Brian Dekker releases a new album “Fade Forget”. 

Randa Smith and Brian Dekker formed the Pop/R&B duo in 2016, but their history in music stems back to 2012 when they recorded as “SOS.”

The 7 track LP, “Fade Forget” is a banger already, enjoy the project below and drop your comments.

Download & Listen to Fade Forget Album Below:

Track list

1. Fade
2. Forget
3. Quartz
4. Crypt Keeper (feat. Ambient Jones)
5. Gospels (feat. Ambient Jones)
6. 0122
7. In Case You’re Listening (feat. Brandon Grundy)






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