Album: BONES – KickingTheBucket

Album: BONES – KickingTheBucket

KickingTheBucket Album

premiers a brand new album dubbed “KickingTheBucket”, the project was actually dropped on the 29 august 2019 and its here on hit64 for fast download and streaming. Album lines up with some of the most versatile producers available in the industry and they include Curtis Heron, Deergod, Fleece, Greaf, Lyson, TEVAL & The Virus & Antidote.

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“KickingTheBucket” was solely writing by alone, and it comes through with 12 tracks which were done by him alone and as far as I know there is no featured artist present in this project.

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 real name is Elmo Kennedy O’Connor and he hails from California he used to be among the Seshollowaterboyz.

Album: BONES – KickingTheBucket
Album: – KickingTheBucket


1. KickingTheBucket
2. Mortuary
3. SexualHarassmentInTheWorkPlace
4. BodyCloseToMine
5. CallMeBackWhenYouGetThis
6. 48843
7. KnockOnWood
8. Carhartt
9. DontLookDown
10. AllDressedUpToGoDreaming
11. WideAwake
12. OneMansTrashIsAnotherMansTreasure

Download and stream Album: – KickingTheBucket  below

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