Album: Butch Walker – American Love Story

Butch Walker American Love Story Album

American Love Story Album

“American Love Story” album is expected to be released in May 8, 2020. The album is actually the type which comes with various types of voices embedded in the instrumental, the first words that you are going to hear from this album is the question Are we having a conversation?.

“Pretty Crazy” which was released last week is actually the first single that the singer/songwriter released from the album and its currently available on all streaming platforms for streaming.

American Love Story Album Tracklist

– The Singer
– Gridlock
– Flyover State
– 6Ft Middle-Age American Man
– Fuck It (I Don’t Like Love)
– Divided States of America
– Out in the Open
– Torn in the USA
– Blinded by the White
– Everything White
– Pretty Crazy
– You Gotta Be Just Who You Are
– Forgot to Say I Love You

Download and stream American Love Story Album below

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