Album: Chief Keef – Almighty So 2

Album: Chief Keef - Almighty So 2

– Almighty So 2 Album

’s most highly anticipated album, Almighty So 2 of 2019 and his a follow-up to his collaborative studio album GloToven which was released in March 2019 is finally here to the public after months of anticipation and speculation of when the project will be released. The rapper did not relax after his project which dropped in March, releasing the single “Boost” which was produced by Twin City CEO immediately after the tape to promote the new album.

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Album: Chief Keef - Almighty So 2
– Almighty So 2

The album is a sequel to the DJ Scream’s collaborative effort of 2013 and it features , & Tell ’Em and top-notch productions from BassKids, Bugz Ronin, Cass Lowe, , ChopsquadDJ, DP Beats, ISOBeats & Jerker Hansson, the new project is definetely a must listen. The project may have been announced in just weeks after GloToven dropped, but the rapper has been working on the project for over a year as it is evident from his post late last year on Instagram talking about the project. Jump below and get a taste of the new album and enjoy.


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