Album: Chris Brown – Indigo (Extended)

Chris Brown Indigo (Extended) Album
Chris Brown Indigo (Extended) Album

Indigo (Extended) Album

We all asked for new music from and that’s what we are getting as he drops an extended version of his already-loaded Indigo album.

“Indigo” which came after two years from the singer dropping “Heartbreak on a Full Moon,” and had an all round success. “Indigo (Extended)” has been amplified with ten additional tracks, making this a damn-near three-hour-long experience. If you’re a true fan of , you’re gonna love this.

Chris Brown Indigo (Extended) Album
Indigo (Extended) Album

On the extra songs enlisted on the album, we see bracing up on  “Tell Me How You Feel” while international artist stands tall on “Lower Body.” Elsewhere, , and others have been bolstered onto the track list. Of course, the features from the original version are intact with , , , , , and others all appearing once more. Enjoy the album below.

New Songs on the Track list:

1. Lower Body (feat. )
2. Overtime
3. Under the Influence
4. Outy When I Drive / Blamed (feat. & Sage the Gemini)
5. Nose Dive (feat. )
6. Flashbacks
7. Problem with You
8. Going At It
9. Technology
10. Tell Me How You Feel (feat. )

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