Album: Chris Brown – Indigo

Album: Chris Brown - Indigo

Chris Brown Indigo Album

After 2017’s “Heartbreak on a Full Moon”, “Chris Brown” has come back with a follow-up 2 years later, with “Indigo” which is his ninth studio album. “Indigo” has been teased since last year July, when “Chris Brown” tattooed the word “Indigo” on his face.

Four singles; “Undecided”, “Back to Love,” “Wobble Up” with guest appearances from both Nicki Minaj and , and the long-awaited reunion with , “No Guidance.” which all topped charts after their releases.

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“Indigo” is a 33 song-double album that sees a lot of collaborations from other top american musicians such as; , ., , , , , , Nicki Minaj, , Chris Brown, , and . Indigo is a dark blue shade in color. The album also contains some tracks named after colors:  “Emerald”—a bright green—“Burgundy”—a dark red—and “Red.”

 “Chris Brown” made an official statement on Instagram in January this year stating;

THIS “INDIGO” ALBUM IS ABOUT ENERGY, LOVE, LIGHT, and HAPPINESS ❤️. IT WONT BE A MILLION SONGS THIS TIME EITHER. PROMISE😏! Thanks to everyone who considers my music helpful! ❤️ Personally reminds me of my first album, GRAFFITI, AND FAME.

  1. Indigo
  2. Back to Love
  3. Come Together ft. .
  4. Temporary Lover ft.
  5. Emerald / Burgundy ft. ,
  6. Red
  7. All I Want Is ft.
  8. Wobble Up ft. Nicki Minaj,
  9. Need a Stack ft. Joyner Lucas,
  10. Heat ft. Gunna
  11. No Guidance ft.
  12. Girl of My Dreams
  13. Natural Disaster / Aura
  14. Don’t Check on Me ft. ,
  15. Sorry Enough
  16. Juice
  17. You Like That
  18. Troubled Waters
  19. Take a Risk
  20. Lurkin’ ft.
  21. Trust Issues / Act In
  22. Cheetah
  23. Undecided
  24. BP / No Judgement
  25. Side Nigga
  26. Throw It Back
  27. All on Me
  28. Sexy ft. Trey Songz
  29. Let’s Smoke
  30. Early 2K ft. Tank
  31. Part of the Plan
  32. Play Catch Up
  33. Dear God
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