Album: Chris Knight – Almost Daylight

Chris Knight Almost Daylight Album
Chris Knight Almost Daylight Album

Almost Daylight Album

It’s been six years plus since we got a studio album project from American singer/songwriter from Kentucky, . Chris who is known as much for material he’s penned for others as well as his own music, hasn’t really felt the gap.

Coming from Little Victories which was released in 2012, here comes his new release, Almost Daylight. 

The singer said he was never really bothered about not dropping a record for a very long time as he was also working in the music business doing what he loved to do best, he said, “It wasn’t bothering me that much that I hadn’t had a record out in a while. It was nothing to panic about. I always said, ‘When I get enough songs, I’ll put something out.’ I just got ready to make a record and went in and made it.”

Chris Knight Almost Daylight Album
Almost Daylight Album

Press play and vibe through the 11 track album with guest appearances from & . Enjoy!!

Track list

  1. I’m William Callahan
  2. Crooked Mile
  3. I Won’t Look Back
  4. Go On
  5. The Damn Truth
  6. Send It On Down ft.
  7. Almost Daylight
  8. Trouble Up Ahead
  9. Everybody’s Lonely Now
  10. Flesh and Blood
  11. Mexican Home ft.

Stream Almost Daylight Album Below:

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