Album: Cigarettes After Sex – Cry

Cigarettes After Sex Cry Album
Cigarettes After Sex Cry Album

Cry Album

American Rock Indie band,  comes through with their sophomore album called Cry, after debuting with their first studio LP which was self-titled.

The group first released the lead single to the album, “Heavenly” back in August, this got fans craving for more of their music, with all the buzz and fuss, they’ve finally dropped the second project to the pleasure of their listeners.

Cigarettes After Sex Cry Album
Cry Album

recorded Cry at a mansion on the island of Mallorca in Spain. “The sound of this record is completely tied to the location for me,” Gonzalez said. “Ultimately, I view this record as a film. It was shot in this stunning, exotic location, and it stitches all these different characters and scenes together, but in the end is really about romance, beauty & sexuality. It’s a very personal telling of what those things mean to me.”

Track list

  1. Don’t Let Me Go
  2. Kiss It Off Me
  3. Heavenly
  4. You’re The Only Good Thing in My Life
  5. Touch
  6. Hentai
  7. Cry
  8. Falling in Love
  9. Pure

Stream Cry Album below:


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