Album: Cody Jinks – The Wanting

Album: Cody Jinks – The Wanting

The Wanting Album

Well the cat’s out of the bag. We’re not just getting one new album from in 2019, we’re getting two. The first we’ve known about for a while and is called After The Fire due out October 11th with what appears like a campfire shooting the middle finger on the front. Then the next week, on October 18th, we’ll get another record to be called The Wanting with a two-headed wolf on the cover.

This was what was behind the camp warning us to “expect the unexpected” this fall when they first announced After The Fire in May, but it wasn’t the only thing. Along with the sibling records, is taking the lead in doing something about the lack of liner notes that accompany many of today’s digital releases, and that especially affect the songwriters and musicians whose names and contributions get lost in the streaming era.

The Wanting Album Tracklist

  1. The Wanting
  2. Same Kind of Crazy as Me
  3. Never Alone Always Lonely
  4. Whiskey
  5. Where Even Angels Fear to Fly
  6. Which One I Feed
  7. A Bite of Something Sweet
  8. The Plea
  9. It Don’t Rain in California
  10. Wounded Mind
  11. Ramble
  12. The Raven and the Dove

Download and stream Album: – The Wanting below 

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