Album: Crumb – Jinx

Album: Crumb - Jinx

Jinx Album

is a Brooklyn based band pulls out with this lovely piece of work in the form of an album and this is titled “Jinx”, this is coming out as their debut studio project.

Even before the formal announcement of this project, the band has been dropping some really cool singles of the album, “Nina,” was the first track that was pulled out of this album and it arrived the industry.

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consists of four versatile people which includes Lila Ramani, Brian Aronow , Jesse Brotter, and Jonathan Gilad, these guys are awesome with their different contributions to the recently released album, and their respective contributions range from guitar, vocals, synths, keyboards, saxophone, bass, and drums.

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1. – Cracking
2. – Nina
3. – Ghostride
4. – Fall Down
5. – M.R.
6. – The Letter
7. – Part III
8. – And It Never Ends
9. – Faces
10. – Jinx

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Download and stream Album: – Jinx below

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