Album: Dyno274 – Rouge

Dyno274 - Rouge

Rouge Album

comes through with the new “Rouge” album project, which was released 3 June 2019, this a rap album with a different kind of positive vibe, the rapper flowed out his very versatile styled on this one which makes it a very nice one to listen to.

 brings in some kind of different flows into this brand new stuff and also comes through with some switch of flows as he pens down the highly obsessive lyrical contents, This is a 14 tracked album that comes with the features of some of the rappers right hand guys which are Rakah and  Jessoul.


1. – Sépia
2. – Rouge
3. – De septembre à janvier
4. – Depuis un bail (feat. Jessoul)
5. – Demain
6. – Personne
7. – Jet 7
8. – Doués
9. – Seul
10. – Plus rien à faire (feat. Rakah)
11. – Tout à gagner
12. – Clostro
13. – En vérité
14. – Mi amor

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