Album: Florist – Emily Alone

Emily Alone Album

Indie folk trio, which consist of Singer/songwriter Emily A. Sprague, Rick Spataro, and Jonnie Baker. Sprague has released a new album under the same moniker, titled “Emily Alone.” The solo album is the followup to the Band’s 2017 LP If Blue Could Be Happiness.

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Florist Emily Alone Album
Emily Alone Album

Emily has been working on the full length album since mid-2018 and has decided to release the master piece today. She released the single ‘Shadow Bloom’ some weeks back to promote the album together with an official music video.

The official announcement on the release of the album says the sudden change in weather and the decision for the artist to distance herself from a lot of things made her to go totally emotional on the album. The songs were born partly “out of urgency to translate an emotional moment.” Enjoy the album below.

Stream Emily Alone Album Below:

Track list:

01 As Alone
02 Moon Begins
03 Celebration
04 I Also Have Eyes
05 Ocean Arms
06 Time Is a Dark Feeling
07 M
08 Now
09 Rain Song
10 Still
11 Shadow Bloom
12 Today I’ll Have You Around

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