Album: G Perico – Ten-Eight

Album: G Perico – Ten-Eight

Ten-Eight Album

is serving us his debut studio album with Roc Nation, “Ten-Eight”, this is an eleven tracked project, since the singer/songwriter joined up with Roc Nation he hasn’t really been that loud, but he is signing out this time around with this highly inspiring album project.

“Ten-Eight”, album is a direct follow up project to the 2 Tha Left which was released by  back in 2017.

This LP comes with guest appearances of Az Chike and Bucho, like i said earlier this is the first album of  since joining Jay-Z label, and this album is going to be released via Sonny Digital.

G Perico – Ten-Eight
– Ten-Eight


1. LA Leakers (Intro)
2. Ten-Eight
3. Number 1
4. Big Raccs (feat. Sonny Digital)
5. Dog Year
6. Watermelon (feat. Az Chike & Bucho)
7. Homegrown Radio (Interlude)
8. What’s Up
9. Lil Baby
10. Trust Nothing
11. Days of Our Lives

Stream Album: – Ten-Eight below

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