Album: GASHI – 1984

GASHI 1984 Album

1984 Album

1984 is sophomore album released on August 7, 2020 through
Honesty Saves Time & RCA Records. Well i don’t have much to write about this project but I can tell that it’s going take back in time to the 80s, so i bet the tunes are going to be more of the oldies type tune.

Below are statement concerning the album-

“I wasn’t alive during that decade, but I connect so much with everything from that era. I love everything about 80s culture from the music to the films to the fashion and I always wished I could have experienced that time in history. My parents got married in 1984 and some of the greatest music ever made came from the 80s. I just wanted to make music that made people feel the way I feel when I hear anything from that era”.

1984 Album Track list


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