Album: Gunplay – The Plug & Haram (Deluxe)

Gunplay The Plug & Haram (Deluxe) Album
Gunplay The Plug & Haram (Deluxe) Album

The Plug & Haram (Deluxe) Album

A month away from the collaborative album, Chop Stixx & Banana Clips by & . Off the Carol City rapper’s second and third studio album he drops a combined deluxe edition of the projects titled “The Plug & Haram (Deluxe).”

The Plug was released in July while Haram was released in September of 2017. The new edition has a total of 24 tracks, sit back and enjoy below.

Gunplay The Plug & Haram (Deluxe) Album
The Plug & Haram (Deluxe) Album

Track listing:

  1. D-Boy Fresh
  2. No Bricks
  3. Call Log
  4. On A Daily
  5. Co-Defendant
  6. Levels
  7. Cocaine
  8. Tellin
  9. Easy
  10. Ain’t Gon Do Shit
  11. Pimp Game
  12. Slangin Slabs
  13. Hoeing On The Low
  14. Throwing Rocks
  15. In My Zone
  16. The Plug
  17. Call Log (Remix)
  18. On The Run
  19. Patience
  20. So Trill
  21. On A Daily (Remix)
  22. Yall Know Where I’m From
  23. Cocaine (Instrumental)
  24. Right Hand (Bonus Track)

Stream The Plug & Haram (Deluxe) Album Below:

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