Album: Jok’air – Jok’travolta

Album: Jok’air - Jok’travolta

Jok’travolta Album

is a French rapper whose real name is  Melvin Félix, the French rapper has pulled out again with a new album and this time it’s coming out as the “Jok’travolta” album.

He formerly belonged to the  MZ music group before he pulled out and started off his solo career back in 2017 when he released the single C’est la guerre which was also featured on his EP Big Daddy Jok, this EP was released that same year but February and it was his debut solo EP

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This album is available on iTunes for purchase but you can also stream and download in high quality here.


  1. La fièvre du samedi soir
  2. Jeune papa (feat. Leto & Kitsuné Kendra)
  3. Hendrix du tieks (feat. Kpoint & Cinco)
  4. Mac (feat. R.O.C)
  5. Ocho cinco (feat. Siboy & M.O Thug)
  6. Oui monsieur (feat. More-Back & Chich)
  7. Tech9 (feat. Isha & Hatik)
  8. Sex drug beluga (feat. Ruskov, Juicy P & Hayce Lemsi)
  9. Liqueur (feat. Suky)
  10. L’amour est dans le binks
  11. 2sans25 (feat. MC One)
  12. Juice (feat. Jazzy Bazz)
  13. Mille-feuilles (feat. Le Juiice)
  14. Ta meuf est sèche (feat. Gros Mo & S-Pri Noir)
  15. J’turn up (feat. Alkpote & NJD)
  16. Gyrophare
  17. Pour mes supporters
  18. Jok’travolta
  19. Club des 27
  20. Les yeux sont sur nous
  21. 4-5
  22. Bonbon à la menthe
  23. Comme tu es
  24. Gangster & Gentleman
  25. Jay’z & Beyoncé
  26. Las Vegas
  27. Nos souvenirs
  28. Vincent vega
  29. Ola ola
  30. Scarla
  31. Papa (feat. La Dictatrice)
  32. À la poursuite du bonheur
  33. Du sang et des cendres
  34. Radio sexe (Bonus track)
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Download and stream Album: – Jok’travolta below


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