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Jules Album

Genre-averse specialist,  after delivering his debut single from the young classically trained Transgressive Records. Today he’s back with news of his first album, Jules.

After dropping the single, “Butterflies From Monaco,” which started off out as soft and folksy before an outburst of classic rock guitar takes it somewhere else entirely in mid-August, Julien delivers the full package of what he has had all to him self for the past year to the whole world as he drops Jules.

Julien Chang Jules Album
Jules Albu

The indie-pop trained producer and multi-instrumentalist from Baltimore does a very excellent job on the 10-tarck album as it was entirely composed and produced by him.

Press play below and enjoy the album. Have fun!!

Track list

  1. Deep Green
  2. Of the Past
  3. Two Voices
  4. Moving Parts
  5. Candy Cane Rainbow
  6. Dogologue
  7. Memory Loss
  8. Somerville (Demo)
  9. Butterflies from Monaco
  10. A Day or Two

Stream Jules Album Below:

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