Album: Konx-Om-Pax – Ways of Seeing

Album: Konx-Om-Pax - Ways of Seeing

Ways of Seeing Album

Tom Scholefield popularly known as is a producer who has been making waves recently in the industry rolls out with the “Ways of Seeing” album.

This producer described this project as  “a panacea to the darkness and disorientation all around in 2019”, is now based in Berlin and sources have it that the producer moved from Glasgow to Berlin for some undisclosed reasons.

Seems like this guy music is affected by his locations as one of the tracks that feature in the album, was titled according to the place where he was during the making of the song, and this is the “LA Melody” track which he wrote while he was still in Los Angeles.


1. LA Melody
2. Säule Acid (feat. Silvia Kastel)
3. Paris 5Am
4.  I’m for Real (feat. Nightwave)
5. Rez
6. Optimism Over Despair
7. Earthly Delights
8. Missing Something
9. Day Dreams
10.  Magenta One
11. The Paleontologist

Download and Album: – Ways of Seeing below

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