Album: K$upreme – Sorry 4 Da Flex 2

K$upreme Sorry 4 Da Flex 2 Album

Sorry 4 Da Flex 2 Album

is back with the second version of the Sorry 4 Da Flex  album and this time what we are having for the album title will be “Sorry 4 Da Flex 2”, this one is going to be a little bit spiced up unlike the later.

This young American rapper has got all energy put up in his career recently and from the look of things he hasn’t got any time to waste so long as his career is concerned, and this album has taken lots of his dedication with which he promised that this album is coming out on the 7 June 2019.

This project has got  pulling out with that trap style which makes a little emphasis on his flow, this is the type of record that every hip-hop head is going to gun for, so I’m just saying that this album dope undropped.


coming soon

Download and stream Sorry 4 Da Flex 2 Album below


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