Album: Leprous – Pitfalls

Leprous Pitfalls Album

Pitfalls Album

Norwegian progressive music band, which comprises the members, Einar Solberg (lead vocals, keyboards), Tor Oddmund Suhrke (guitars, backing vocals), Baard Kolstad (drums), Simen Børven (bass, backing vocals, occasional keyboards), and Robin Ognedal (guitars, backing vocals) comes through with their sixth studio LP, Pitfalls.

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The album is preceded by the previously released singles “Below”, “Alleviate”, and “Distant Bells”. It was recorded over six months at Ghostward Studios and seen as a musical departure for the group.

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Leprous Pitfalls Album
Pitfalls Album

The eleven track album, Pitfalls follows 2018’s Golden prayers. Hit the link below and enjoy the album.

Track list

  1. Below
  2. I Lose Hope
  3. Observe the Train
  4. By My Throne
  5. Alleviate
  6. At the Bottom
  7. Distant Bells
  8. Foreigner
  9. The Sky Is Red
  10. Golden Prayers
  11. Angel (Massive Attack Cover)

Stream Pitfalls Album Below:

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