Album: Lights – Skin&Earth Acoustic

Album Lights - Skin&Earth Acoustic

Skin&Earth Acoustic Album

Canadian singer-songwriter ” releases her fifth full length studio album, “Skin&Earth Acoustic” which is preceded by Skin&Earth which dropped in 2017 and charted at number three in Canada and ninety-fifth in the US. The singer releases the acoustic version of her electronic and pop element album earlier released in 2017.

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Unlike the 14 track album Skin&Earth, the newly released album features three new songs and seven interpolated songs from Skin&Earth, which amounts the new acoustic album to 10 tracks.

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Enjoy And Download  – Skin&Earth Acoustic  Below:

Track list:

  1. Skydiving (Cliff Recording)
  2. Until the Light (Truck Cab Recording)
  3. Savage (Rain Recording)
  4. New Fears (Bedroom Recording)
  5. We Were Here (Tunnel Recording)
  6. Kicks (River Recording)
  7. Almost Had Me (Desert Recording)
  8. Tabs
  9. Lost Girls
  10. Down Forever
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