Album: Louis York – American Griots

Album: Louis York – American Griots

American Griots Album

sets to sate the upcoming album dubbed “American Griots”, the project was planned to be released on October 18 2019.

Caroline Randall Williams, Emoni Wilkins, Jimmie Allen, Patrick Dailey, The Shindellas & The W. Crimm Singers are the guest artists featured in the “American Griots” album.

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American Griots Album Tracklist

  1. American Griots Intro ft. Caroline Randall Williams
  2. All In My Feelings
  3. No Regrets ft. The Shindellas
  4. Electric Blue
  5. Teach Me a Song ft. Jimmie Allen
  6. Teach Me a Song (Reprise) ft. Caroline Randall Williams
  7. Glow
  8. How Will I Feel
  9. Don’t You Forget
  10. Velvet
  11. I Wonder ft. Caroline Randall Williams, The W. Crimm Singers, Patrick Dailey
  12. Love Takeover ft. The Shindellas & Emoni Wilkins
  13. You Gotta Be (Reimagined)
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Download and stream Album: – American Griots below

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