Album: Madonna – Madame X

Madonna Madame X

Madame X Album

Another cool studio project coming off American singer/songwriter , “Madame X”  is the upcoming album from this well known female singer, “Madame X” is scheduled to be released on June 14, 2019, and this happens to be her fourteenth studio album so far.

Its been about a year and some months since she announced that she has started working on her fourteenth studio album which is the “Madame X” album, And she actually gave us a snippet of what the album is going to look and sound like when she performed an unreleased song on 2018 met gala, and this anonymous song is believed to be “Dark Ballet” which is definitely going to be among the tracks in the “Madame X” album.

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 who has now moved to Portugal with reasons of her son wanting to be a professional football player, so she relocated to Lisbon, in search of a professional football academy for her son, and after a little while staying living she began to find the lifestyle quite dull and boring, so she decided to get in touch with artists, musicians, and painters, because she believed that music is the soul of the universe.

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