Album: Mndsgn – Snaxx

Album Mndsgn - Snaxx

Snaxx Album

Ringgo Ancheta, better known by his stage name pronounced “mind design”.

Snaxx (2 ‘x’s) follows through with Snax (one ‘x’) which was a tape of remixes, released last year.

He proposed to release another album in the year 2020 which will be more deep, but right now he just wants to have fun and give out fun to his listeners.

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“Snaxx’s” album art was based on a photo taken by Dan Bensch.


1. Comethru
2. Spreads
3. Papayaberry
4. Hydration Station
5. Browneez
6. Sumdim
7. Over Ez
8. Deviled Eggs
9. Cashoos
10. Slappppp
11. Chips (feat. Jon Bap)
12. Unnecessary
13. Snaxx w U (feat. Asal Hazel)
14. Ggardenn (feat. Pink Siifu)

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