Album: Niia – II: La Bella Vita

Niia II: La Bella Vita Album

II: La Bella Vita Album

Its going to be a super trendy weekend as decides to add more to the new wave with the release of the “II: La Bella Vita”, the album is scheduled to be released on February 14, 2020 which is the Valentines day.

The singer/songwriter has had a lot going on with her relationship ife and i think she has channeled everything down to the “II: La Bella Vita” album. have released some singles from the album, singles that she used as a medium of introducing what the album will look like, and these singles are “Face”, “If I Cared”, and “Whatever You Got.”

“I was all about falling in love, and how scary but exciting it is to find someone and build a life with them,” says. “II: La Bella Vita is about the downfall of a relationship. The cold reality of ‘where did the love go? Why did it fall apart?’ Going through emotions like anger, bitterness, sadness, and how you move through the stages of grief and recovery to keep going.” ’s statement’s

August Rosenbaum, , Robin Hannibal, Thomas Drayton & Trevor Gureckis are the producers of the “II: La Bella Vita” album. Respectively Chloe Angelides, , Robert Castillo & Robin Hannibal comes through as the writer’s.

II: La Bella Vita Album Tracklist

– No Light (Intro)
– Whatever You Got
– Obsession
– Sad Boys
– Black Dress
– Coppola in Black
– Positano (Interlude)
– Face
– If I Cared
– La Bella Vita
– Like You Do
– If You Won’t Marry Me Right Now
– Cup of Trouble

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