Album: Norma Jean – All Hail

Norma Jean All Hail Album

All Hail Album

Starting off as Luti-Kriss with their 2001 debut album Throwing Myself, American metalcore band from Douglasville,  has been here giving us their unique sound since forever and despite lineup shakeups the band has never wavered as they continue to drop good records.


Three years after dropping the LP, Polar Similar   is back with their eighth full length studioi album called “All Hail.” 

Norma Jean All Hail Album
All Hail Album

Despite all the changes in the members of the band and changes in sound, vocals and style, they have managed to maintain their type of unique style that made fans love them in the first place, cultivating a well-deserved status and fans over almost decades of delivering good music, which they evidently do on the 14-track album which was written by Cory Brandan, Grayson Stewart, Jeffery Hickey, Matthew Marquez, Matthew Putman & . Enjoy below.

Track list

  1. Orphan Twin
  2. [Mind Over Mind]
  3. Safety Last
  4. Volunteer Tooth Filing
  5. Landslide Defeater
  6. Full Circle in Under a Minute
  7. 7, /with_errors
  8. Trace Levels of Dystopia
  9. Translational
  10. Extra Dimensional Palette Cleanser
  11. If [Loss] Then [Leader]
  12. Careen
  13. Anna
  14. The Mirror and the Second Veil

Stream All Hail Album below:


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