Album: PINS – Hot Slick

PINS Hot Slick Album
PINS Hot Slick Album

Slick Album

The Manchester United band known as PINS will bringing us the new album dubbed “Hot Slick”, they have been departed for some while, now they are regrouping with the release of this brand-new album which they have scheduled to be released this summer on May 29, 2020.

Rich Woodcrafts, Jamie Hince and Dean Horner did a great deal of work helping with the production of the “Hot Slick” album. The only featured artist on this album is Leather Party.

PINS Hot Slick Album
Slick Album

Slick Album Track list

  • PINS – Hot Slick
  • PINS – Bad Girls Forever
  • PINS – Ponytails
  • PINS – After Hours
  • PINS – Daisies
  • PINS – Read My Lips
  • PINS – Set Me Off
  • PINS – Love You to Death ft. Leather Party
  • PINS – Ghosting
  • PINS – Bad Habit

Download and stream Slick Album below

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