Album: Pixies – Beneath the Eyrie

Pixies - Beneath the Eyrie Album

– Beneath the Eyrie Album

American alternative rock,  who are associated with the 1990s alternative rock boom, and draw on elements including punk rock and surf rock releases their seventh full length studio album called “Beneath the Eyrie.” Leading up to the album, the 12-episode series It’s a Podcast (originally entitled Past Is Prologue) hosted by Tony Fletcher began releasing episodes on June 27, detailing the recording of each song.

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Pixies - Beneath the Eyrie Album
– Beneath the Eyrie Album

In an interview with Billboard, Frank Black had this to say:

“I guess it’s a reference to an eagle’s nest that was outside the studio. I believe it was in the church steeple. They converted an old church into a studio. I believe David the drummer, being a wildlife observer, spotted this. And the producer, Tom Dalgety, suggested it as an album title. We usually pick album titles from a lyric or a song title. This time, I had been thinking it would be good to break out of that tradition. It was starting to feel too much like a rule, or something.”

Enjoy the album below.

Track list

  1. In the Arms of Mrs. Mark of Cain
  2. On Graveyard Hill
  3. Catfish Kate
  4. This Is My Fate
  5. Ready for Love
  6. Silver Bullet
  7. Long Rider
  8. Los Surfers Muertos
  9. St. Nazaire
  10. Bird of Prey
  11. Daniel Boone
  12. Death Horizon

Stream – Beneath the Eyrie Album Below:


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