Album: Red Velvet – SAPPY

Red Velvet - SAPPY


has announced their premiering date of the “SAPPY” album which is going to be their second mini album,  is one good feminine Japanese songs group, which have been exploring the whole horizons of the Japan music industry, they have decided to put more records to their career exploration with the release of this good album.

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A lot of good music/ albums have been released over the past months throughout this year and it seems like this goods projects never cease coming as  schedules to slate their second mini-album on May 29, 2019, this album is definitely going to be a success with the kind of hype it’s getting.

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  1. SAPPY
  2. Swimming Pool
  3. Sayonara
  4. Peek-A-Boo (Japanese Ver.)
  5. Rookie (Japanese Ver.)
  6. Power Up (Japanese Ver.)

Download and stream Album – SAPPY  below

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