Album: Richard Dawson – 2020

Album: Richard Dawson – 2020

2020 Album

, the black-humoured bard of Newcastle, returns to release his sixth solo album 2020, his first since the critically acclaimed, Peasant. 2020 – out on 11th October 2019 – is an utterly contemporary state-of-the-nation study, that uncovers a tumultuous and bleak time. Here is an island country in a state of flux; a society on the edge of mental meltdown.

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The first single from the album comes in the form of “Jogging”, a chugging pop track that deals with the meditative benefits of jogging in dealing with anxiety, told through the aches and pains of middle-England. The video was directed by Edwin Burdis.

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2020 Album Tracklist

  1. Civil Servant
  2. The Queen’s Head
  3. Two Halves
  4. Jogging
  5. Heart Emoji
  6. Black Triangle
  7. Fulfilment Centre
  8. Fresher’s Ball
  9. No-One (2020)
  10. Dead Dog in an Alleyway
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