Album: Rings of Saturn – Gidim

Rings of Saturn Gidim Album

Gidim Album

American deathcore band from California,  who are mostly known for their fourth album, Ultu Ulla which peaked at 76 on the Billboard 200, making it the band’s highest peak to date. They come with their fifth studio album, Gidim.

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Gidim translates from Sumerian cuneiform to mean “ancient ghost,” the album themes as a call back of ’s roots and brings back the true chaotic and experimental spirit of the bands origins. The ten track album which has a run time of 44:34 is the band’s longest studio album.

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Rings of Saturn Gidim Album
Gidim Album

“We’ve always been an experimental band and I have always been an experimental musician,” Mann says. “With »Ultu Ulla« I wanted to go with a more melodic direction than previous works. got a lot of new fans by doing that, but our older fans missed the heaviness, the technicality, and the experimental nature of the bands previous albums. I mean, that’s what made us so popular to begin with.”

Track list

  1. Pustules
  2. Divine Authority
  3. Hypodermis Glitch
  4. Bloated and Stiff
  5. Tormented Consciousness
  6. The Husk
  7. Mental Prolapse
  8. Genetic Inheritance
  9. Face of the Wormhole
  10. Gidim

Stream Gidim Album Below:

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