Album: Sampa the Great – The Return

Album: Sampa the Great – The Return

The Return Album

Zambian born pop singer  has decided to show us a bit of the African culture with the release of “The Return” album. This obviously is going to be her debut album, and on it, she said many things concerning growing up as a black African woman trying to make a career in this 21 century. She lasi down a couple of troubles and barriers that pose a bad experience when trying to build a music career as a female Southern African.

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But the most amazing part is her bringing in the cultural aspects of herself into music via the “The Return” album.

Chasing the career and all that always comes with sacrifices and I believe that has her own prices by isolating herself from friends and families just give her career the maximum attention that it needs.

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Album: Sampa the Great – The Return
Album: – The Return

The Return Tracklist

1. Mwana – Mwanje Tembo, Theresa Mutale Tembo & Sunburnt Soul Choir
2. Freedom
3. Wake Up (Interlude)
4. Time’s Up – Krown
5. Grass Is Greener
6. Dare to Fly – Ecca Vandal
7. Any Day – Whosane
8. OMG
9. Light It Up (Interlude)
10. Final Form
11. Heaven – Whosane
12. Diamond in the Ruff – Thando & Krown
13. Leading Us Home
14. Summer – Steam Down
15. Brand New – SILENTJAY
16. Give Love (Interlude)
17. The Return – Thando, Jace XL, Alien & Whosane
18. Don’t Give Up – Mandarin Dreams
19. Made Us Better – Blue Lab Beats, Boadi & Lori

Download and stream Album: – The Return below

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