Album: San Quinn & The Gatlin – Dope Boy Habits

Album San Quinn & The Gatlin - Dope Boy Habits

& Dope Boy Habits Album

American rapper from California,  teams up with Sac Town rapper,   on this new project, Dope Boy Habits. The much anticipated album has been due to drop since early this year but have finally gained the light of day.

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Dope Boy Habbits, is a seven track album that sees both rappers drawing themes from success, providence and gratefulness. Enjoy the album bbelow and drop your commens in the  box below:

Track list:

1. & – Juice
2. & – No L’s
3. & – Petty Cash
4. & – Dope Boy Habits
5. & – Bring That Back
6. & – Count Your Blessings
7. & – Stand Up

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