Album: Scarypoolparty – Exit Form

Scarypoolparty - Exit Form Album
Scarypoolparty - Exit Form Album

– Exit Form Album

American singer,  who has a very unique style of music he has developed over the years, as he amalgamates fusing fast-paced form of musical sounds easily into pulsing instrumentals almost looking like ’s type of style as we’ve seen him do on the tracks, “Tonight”, “Diamonds”, and “Cholo Live”.

Scarypoolparty - Exit Form Album
– Exit Form Album

He brings the perfect definition of ‘Exit Form’ on his new full length studio album as he delivers “Brutal in the beginning with each track leading to something beautiful and simple.” The singer has had a very prosperous year, headlining different shows and getting a place as a judge on this year’s American Idol.

With back-to-back, sold-out nights at LA’s Belasco Theatre with Twin Shadow as support wraps up his tour on November 22nd and will be heading out to London for two debut sold-out shows.

Track list

  1. Black Cross
  3. Dance the Night Away
  4. Vampire Shade
  5. Beneath the Skin
  6. True Religion
  7. Heart Storm
  8. Millennial Love
  9. 10 Years
  10. Tonight
  11. Cholo Love
  12. Out Loud

Stream – Exit Form Album Below:


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  1. Place as a judge on this year’s American Idol?
    Confused…he was in the competition not a judge
    In any case…get the Album..see him live…you will never forget and hecwill have a lasting impact

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