Album: Sia – O.K.R Pt 1

O.K.R Pt 1Album

never ceases to bring us those new sounds that comes with a whole lot of vibes embedded in it, the female singer/songwriter premiers what seems to be an album coming out as “O.K.R Pt 1”.

Nobody was actually expecting this project, and surprise manners are just her way of introducing every single project she does.

The Australian singer was known mainly for her amazing voice and her extreme lyrical contents, she does this music thing like her life depends on it, and she has gained herself the honour as a writer who have helped out several top artists like , Beyonce, jay z and more.


1. DOWNLOAD MP3: – Flowers

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: – Born Yesterday

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: – Light Headed

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: – Joy I Call Life

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: – Perfume

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: – Blinded By Love

7. DOWNLOAD MP3: – Life Jacket

8. DOWNLOAD MP3: – Dynamitee

9. DOWNLOAD MP3: – Making The Most Of The Night

10. DOWNLOAD MP3: – Loved Me Back To Life

Download and stream Album: – O.K.R Pt 1 below


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