Album: Switchfoot – Covers

Switchfoot Covers Album

Covers Album

This band known as have had several it singles in the 90s, and it’s quite an amazing thing that they have decided to come through with a brand-new album dubbed “Covers”, which was released on June 19, 2020. Some of their hit singles back in the 90s are Meant To Live and Dare You To Move. Below comes singer-guitarist Jon Foreman statements concernng the project:

“Spring of 2020 has been a strange time for all of us. Quarantined at home, music has meant more to me than ever, something that feels stable even against the current backdrop of instability. Rather than just sing the songs written within the confine of our own quarantines, (those will come later!) we have collected half a dozen of the songs of others. Different voices. Different opinions. This diverse collection of songs is an attempt to express a truly universal language that reaches outside the confines of my own home, an openhanded embrace of all of the unique idiosyncrasies within the human tribe. There is a commonality in melody, and rhythm, and lyric, and truth that speaks to me even from someone who might look different than myself. This is the beauty of music: it can take us around the world, even when we’re quarantined at home.”

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