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Tennis Swimmer Album

Swimmer Album

rolls out with the release of this brand new album dubbed “Swimmer”, this is actually one of the biggest album projects that was released on February 14, 2020,  this project comes with a full track list lyrics which is available on, you can also stream and purchase this new album project on all digital platforms.

Swimmer is a tour of the darkest time in our lives. But it is not a dark record. Named for the feeling of suspension and upendedness that characterized this period, it is the story of deep-rooted companionship strengthened by pain and loss. These songs carried us through our grief. It is us at our most vulnerable, so we kept a small footprint, recording everything ourselves in our home studio. I set out to describe the love I have come to know after ten years of marriage, when you can no longer remember your life before that person, when the spark of early attraction has been replaced by a gravitational pull. Statement’s

Alaina Moore & Patrick Riley(Producers). Alaina Moore & Patrick Riley (Writers). These are some of the people that took part in writing and production of the project, and as well as the singers featured.

Swimmer Album Tracklist

– I’ll Haunt You
– Need Your Love
– How to Forgive
– Runner
– Echoes
– Swimmer
– Tender as a Tomb
– Late Night
– Matrimony II

Download and stream Swimmer Album below

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