Album: The Dead South – Sugar & Joy

The Dead South Sugar & Joy Album

Sugar & Joy Album

Elsewhere embrace the kind of gothic storytelling that fits like a glove with the early 20th-century string band style they favor when they aren’t playing traditional bluegrass. The first single “Diamond Ring” finds a protagonist looking to get his girlfriend the diamond ring she wants even though he can’t afford it. So he takes a pistol and goes to see Old William, whom he knows has a “stash of gold”.”

A gently rolling minor-key guitar line is joined by arco cello and banjo and mandolin accompaniment, as well as some low baritone “Ahh ahh ahh ahh” backing vocals. The song gets louder and more active as it goes until it abruptly slows over its final 90 seconds as Hilts repeats, “Baby wants a diamond / Baby wants a diamond.” Possibly that signifies that the robbery of Old William did not go as planned.

Sugar & Joy Album Tracklist

  1. Act of Approach
  2. Diamond Ring
  3. Blue Trash
  4. Black Lung
  5. Fat Little Killer Boy
  6. Broken Cowboy
  7. Snake Man, Pt. 1
  8. Snake Man, Pt. 2
  9. Heaven in a Wheelbarrow
  10. Crawdaddy Served Cold
  11. Alabama People
  12. Spaghetti
  13. Distance Oneself

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