Album: Tobi Lou – Live on Ice

Album Tobi Lou - Live on Ice

Live on Ice Album

American-Nigerian rapper  is ready for the whole world as he drops his debut full length studio album titled Live on Ice. The rapper has released some couple of EPs over the years like, 
and the Moon, and the loop, and and the Juice. 
The new album with 21 tracks features the asian rapper Vernon among others.

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Album Tobi Lou - Live on Ice DOWNLOAD
Album – Live on Ice DOWNLOAD

Tobi explained the meaning and the title of the tape saying; “People go crazy for Lion King, but go even crazier for Lion King On Ice, and I feel like that with this project,” he stated. “I released a lot of music last year but nothing like this – this is by far the craziest thing I’ve done, so it had to be Live on Ice.” The rapper recently dropped 3 single to tease the drop of the album in “My Party,” and remixes of 2018’s “Lounar” featuring Dreezy, and “Solange” featuring DRAM. Download the ZIP file or track by track download below.


  1. 100 Degrees DOWNLOAD MP3
  2. Waterboy DOWNLOAD MP3
  3. I Was Sad Last Night I’m OK Now DOWNLOAD MP3
  4. Sometimes I Ignore You Too DOWNLOAD MP3
  5. That Old Nu-Nu DOWNLOAD MP3
  6. My Party w/ Tony Bigz DOWNLOAD MP3
  7. 8702 DOWNLOAD MP3
  8. Deserve It DOWNLOAD MP3
  9. Smiling at My Phone DOWNLOAD MP3
  10. Delete my # Baby DOWNLOAD MP3
  11. Berlin / Westside DOWNLOAD MP3
  12. Cheap Vacations DOWNLOAD MP3
  13. Looped Up DOWNLOAD MP3
  14. Favorite Substitute DOWNLOAD MP3
  15. Humpty Dumpty DOWNLOAD MP3
  16. Like My Mom DOWNLOAD MP3
  17. Theme Music DOWNLOAD MP3
  18. Orange (Reprise) DOWNLOAD MP3
  19. Crying in the Club DOWNLOAD MP3
  20. Ice Cream Girl DOWNLOAD MP3
  21. 17cg DOWNLOAD MP3

Stream And Download Album: – Live on Ice Below:


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