Album: Vald – Ce Monde Est Cruel

Vald Ce Monde Est Cruel Album
Vald Ce Monde Est Cruel Album

Ce Monde Est Cruel Album

French rapper,  delivers up on his third studio LP, Ce Monde Est Cruel which translate to “This world is cruel fate” after 2018’s NQNT33.

He first teased the first single, “Journal perso II”which dropped on September 13, 2019. A few hours later, the artist communicates the address of a site that reveals the title of the album and the cover . We learn that the red version is available for pre-order with sixteen titles, and that an offer of a pack of four CDs is available: four colors with a different bonus title in each of the four versions. With this system, sells 12,000 physical albums pre-order so before the official release.

The tracklist as for it is kept secret until October 9 when we learn the presence of Suikon Blaze AD, Sch and Maes on the album.

Vald Ce Monde Est Cruel Album
Ce Monde Est Cruel Album

It should be noted that the title of this album is much more explicit and direct than its previous projects with rather enigmatic titles, namely NQNTMQMQMB, NQNT, Agartha and XEU … Enjoy below:

Track listing:

  1. Poches pleines
  2. NQNTMQMQMB (Ft. Suikon Blaze AD)
  3. Journal perso II
  4. Ce monde est cruel
  5. Pensionman
  6. Ma star
  7. Ignorant
  8. Halloween
  9. Dernier retrait (Ft. Sch)
  10. Keskivonfer
  11. Pourquoi
  12. J’pourrai
  13. No friends
  14. A.S.B (Ft. Maes)
  15. Royal Bacon
  16. Rappel
  17. Casimir
  18. Doli
  19. Persuadé
  20. Gringo envoie un mess

Stream Below:

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