Album: VÉRITÉ – new skin

Album: VÉRITÉ – new skin

new skin Album

new skin is the second studio album from . Its first single, “gone,” set the scene for the new era. In a promotional newspaper sent out to select fans, writes:

Gone was the first song written for LP2 and set the bar for what I’m chasing in this new chapter.

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Earlier on in the newspaper, the theme that new skin focuses around is detailed:

‘Gone’ speaks to a larger theme she’ll be focusing on with her sophomore album: capturing the nuance of being in a relationship that isn’t romanticized or idealized.

And fans will find it’s different than her first. For one, Somewhere In Between captured the singer at a time when she was battling numbness and depression; the process of making it was isolating. This time around, she’s found collaborators that feel like family, and her follow-up focuses on how to navigate love and the human experience, while pushing herself emotionally, lyrically and musically and visually into a place she didn’t necessarily approach on her debut.

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new skin Album Tracklist

  1. ​new skin
  2. ​good for it
  3. ​ocean
  4. …interlude…
  5. ​youth
  6. ​body in my bed
  7. ​faded
  8. ​medicine
  9. ​think of me
  10. ​gone
  11. ​amnesia
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