Album: Wale – Wow…That’s Crazy!

Wale Wow…That’s Crazy! Album

Wow…That’s Crazy! Album

recently announced that he will soon be dropping the “Wow…That’s Crazy!”, and wha5t we have been able to gather so far, the rapper has scheduled this album to be released on 11 October 2019.

Its going to be a 15 tracked album project coming through with some of the singles that he has released as singles before the announcement of the album. ha been following us up with lots of teaser videos and the album is due October 11.

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The album collects collaborations from , , , , , , , . Enjoy below.

Wow…That’s Crazy! Album Tracklist

  1. Sue Me
  2. Love & Loyalty ft.
  3. Cliché ft. ,
  4. Expectations ft.
  5. BGM
  6. Love… (Her Fault) ft.
  7. On Chill ft. Jeremih
  8. Routine
  9. Love Me Nina / Semiautomatic
  10. Break My Heart (My Fault) ft.
  11. Debbie
  12. 50 In Da Safe
  13. Set You Free (Ft. )
  14. Black Bonnie ft.
  15. Poledancer ft.
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Download and stream Album: – Wow…That’s Crazy!  below


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