Album: Waterparks – Fandom

Album: Waterparks – Fandom

Fandom Album

Fandom is the replacement of originally intended third full length Friendly Reminder. After confirming the deletion of the files for Friendly Reminder in late March, vocalist Awsten Knight teased a release for May 2019. This turned out to be ‘’Turbulent’’.

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On August 10th, Saturday 7PM like previously teased, the band announced something happening on Monday. Lead single ‘’Watch What Happens Next’’ was released, along with the pre-orders for Fandom.

Fandom Album Tracklist

  1. Cherry Red
  2. Watch What Happens Next
  3. Dream Boy
  4. Easy To Hate
  5. High Definition
  6. Telephone
  7. Group Chat
  8. Turbulent
  9. Never Bloom Again
  10. I Miss Having Sex, But At Least I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore
  11. War Crimes
  12. [Reboot]
  13. Worst
  14. Zone Out
  15. I Felt You Were A Liar When We Met
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Download and stream Album: – Fandom  below

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