Album: YB – Fire & Desire

YB Fire & Desire Album
YB Fire & Desire Album

Fire & Desire Album

Up and coming hip-hop artist delivers his debut LP, Fire & Desire which features the popular singles “Clark Kent” and “My Shot.”

Fire & Desire takes listeners on a journey through the peaks and valleys of ’s life since bursting onto the music scene in 2014 with his debut album Salvation. Each track is raw, honest and a clear depiction of his experiences. From songs like “Dear Soldiers” to “Worth It” is bold in his truth. As an advocate for youth empowerment, aims to uplift younger fans through the lyrical content heard on Fire & Desire.

YB Fire & Desire Album
Fire & Desire Album

He tells The Christian Beat, “I believe we have a generation full of the next greats, but for anything great to truly manifest, we have to understand, it will take us enduring the highs and the lows.”

Track listing:

  1. Fire Emoji 2
  2. Dear Soldiers
  3. Only One
  4. Worth It
  5. December 11, 2014
  6. My Shot
  7. Clark Kent
  8. Weight
  9. Diamond in the Dirt
  10. Open Letter 2
  11. Clark Kent (Unplugged) [feat. Cooper Smith]

Stream Fire & Desire Album Below:

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