Album: Yung Gravy – Sensational

Album Yung Gravy - Sensational

Sensational Album

new album “Sensational” was recently announced and it’s coming up on Friday, May 31 2019. The young Minnesota homeboy rapper has been keeping it coming with the release of series of singles and some came off the announced album.

 album comes fully packed with a list long amount of 13 tracks and it also comes with some suitable guest artists just as the theme of the album requires, and they are Lil Baby, Mia Gladstone, Pouya, Ramirez, Lil Mao , TrippyThaKid, bbno$,  and Juicy J.

Some of the track that has been dropped off this album was actually dope and speaking of the recently dropped track “Magic” which was exceptionally dope per se.

I dont want to go deep into how  started off his career but this young rapper started pushing up his career back in 2016, it has been recorded that he ditched school and took to youtube and SoundCloud and that was when he started releasing songs.


  1. Gravy For Pope

  2. Buttered Up feat. Juicy J

  3. Charlene feat. Mia Gladstone

  4. Boys Are Back In Town feat. Pouya, Ramirez & TrippyThaKid

  5. Magic

  6. Whip A Tesla

  7. Daddy Aioli (Interlude)

  8. Gravy Train

  9. E.T.

  10. Alley Oop

  11. Richard Simmons

  12. Pizzazz

  13. 1 Thot 2 Thot

Download and stream Album – Sensational below


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